No one knows Asian technology like we do.

Investment bankers, venture capitalists, fund managers, and other investors need on-the-ground, detailed information about Asian technology developments and trends.

Insight interAsia’s Strategic Technology Investment Research Services (STRATIS) is the leading research firm dedicated to providing Asian tech market information to the U.S. financial community.

We provide unique, customized research to financial services firms looking to receive timely and insightful information on technology developments and trends throughout Asia.

STRATIS staff are technologists with formal engineering and scientific backgrounds as well as experienced business managers in Asia.  We can accurately discern important technology trends and innovation.  We also have a comprehensive understanding of Asian corporate culture and strategy and can provide valuable information to decision-makers.

We are on-the-ground in the Asian tech markets meeting with companies, university professors, government labs, and tech incubators. We are reading the local language tech publications and attending regional tech conferences, and we are comparing that data with what we see in the U.S and Europe.

STRATIS specializes in the following technology areas: semiconductor, nanotechnology, microsystems (MEMS), photonics, sensors, photovoltaics, biomedical devices, pharma, robotics, cleantech, advanced materials, automotive, aerospace, transportation, and energy.

STRATIS provides timely and insightful information on:

  • Technology trends and developments in Asia
  • From fundamental research to components to consumer products
  • Comparative studies: country-to-country and company-to-company
  • Supply Chain analysis
  • Which component technologies are coming from where?
  • Patent and intellectual property positions
  • Overviews of macroeconomic policy: governments are funding which technologies
  • Due diligence of Asian technology companies
  • “Technology tours” of Asia to see for yourself