Event Launches Ireland/Japan Cooperative Initiative

Source:  Appliance Magazine


Ireland and Japan came together for an early December 2013 event to launch a shared goal of a Green Energy Future. The aim of the event was to increase the trade and investment links between Japanese firms and research institutions and their counterparts in Ireland.

Among the speakers was Sean O’Driscoll, chairman and CEO of the UK-based appliance maker Glen Dimplex Group.

Other speakers were Ireland’s Taoiseach Mr. Enda Kenny and Tokyo’s State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ms. Midori Matsushima.

The event was held in JETRO headquarters in Tokyo and was attended by 170 people consisting of influential leaders, policy makers, industry leaders and researchers.

The event enabled representatives from both Ireland and Japan to present the latest research, development and innovation taking place in both countries in green energy and to discuss the potential for further collaboration in the sector.

Glen Dimplex displayed its latest developments and product innovations in the realm of renewable energy. The company showcased its Quantum Space Heater and Cylinder, which has proved successful across global markets.