The STRATIS Advantage

Technologists who understand the details
Our researchers and analysts all have previous employment experience in R&D or engineering roles in industry. They possess advanced degrees and are able to grasp the underlying physics of the technology being analyzed. They are adept at quickly deducing development feasibility or research bottlenecks which may delay results downstream.

Information for investment decision-makers
In addition to having technology backgrounds and experiences our analysts have also worked as managers and understand the constraints of conducting technology development with limited budgets and time-frames. Our technology reports, comparative studies, supply chain analyses, are customized, efficient endeavors written for business and research management clientele.

We read the local language publications
Most analysts rely on 2nd or even 3rd-tier information for deriving their conclusions, even though there is more pertinent 1st tier information available from local sources. Our analysts have the ability to extract important insights from local 1st-tier technical and business publications.

On-the-ground in the Asian tech markets in real time
Our analysts are based in the country they are covering and regularly participate in local technology symposia, seminars, conferences, trade shows and other topical events unavailable to overseas audiences.

Comprehensive and thorough investigation
We realize the development of any finished product involves the interaction of various engineering and scientific disciplines in concert with projected market demand. We are able to look at all aspects which influence development including raw material availability, supply chain for critical components, manufacturing methodology, engineering and scientific know-how, government policy and funding initiatives, etc. By considering all of these factors together, we are able to produce comprehensive and thorough technology forecasts and roadmapping.

We specialize in the following technology areas
semiconductor, nanotechnology, microsystems (MEMS), sensors, photovoltaics, biomedical devices, pharma, robotics, cleantech, advanced materials, automotive, aerospace, transportation, energy storage